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XML EditorAltova XMLSpy is the world’s best selling XML editor for modeling, editing, transforming, and debugging XML and related technologies.

XMLSpy XML Editor gives developers the tools they need to build the most sophisticated applications with its graphical schema designer, code generation, file converters, debuggers, and profilers for working with XSD, XSLT, XQuery, XBRL, JSON, and more.

XMLSpy is powered by RaptorXML® for lightning-fast XML validation and processing. RaptorXML is also available as a cross-platform server product to power your applications.

XMLSpy Highlights

Developers need an XML editor that adds value beyond bracket matching and basic validation checking. Complementing the comprehensive XML editing feature set below, XMLSpy offers the patented SmartFix error correction, a revolutionary process that not only finds XML validation errors but also enumerates the possible corrections for fixing them, which you can choose to implement with one click. That’s right – XMLSpy will make the corrections automatically, based on your selection.

Edit XML documents

SmartFix XML validation & error correction

XML Schema editor

XSLT editor

XSLT debugger & profiler

XSL Speed Optimizer

XPath / XQuery builder & evaluator

XQuery editor

XSLT / XQuery back-mapping

XPath / XQuery debugger

XQuery Update Facility editor

JSON editor & JSON Schema editor

JSON transformation with XPath, XSLT, XQuery

3-Way diff/merge

XBRL tools

WSDL editor

SOAP client & debugger

Database integration

Java, C#, and C++ code generation

Apache Avro tools

Visual Studio & Eclipse eclipse

Open XML (OOXML) support

Chart generation based on XML data

SharePoint® Server integration

Integration with installed RaptorXML Servers for super-fast processing

XML Editor

XMLSpy XML Editor


Text and Graphical XML Editing Views

XMLSpy abstracts away the complexity of editing XML XML and related technologies through its intuitive user interface and rich variety of views and options. Whether you prefer to edit XML documents in a text-based or graphical XML viewer, XMLSpy provides intelligent guidance and entry-helpers as you type, and troubleshooting is fast and easy with the industry’s most standards-conformant XML validator.


XML editor Text View

As you work, the XMLSpy provides Smart Fix XML validation, a patented process that detects errors – and then enumerates the possible corrections for fixing them, which you can choose to implement in your XML document with one click. Because the XML validator can make the corrections automatically, it saves you significant time and frustration associated with resolving validation issues.

Smart Fix XML validator

XML Schema Editor

XMLSpy XML Schema Editor

The graphical XML Schema editor in XMLSpy allows you to create schemas in a visual, drag-and-drop manner, so you can focus on the semantics of your schema while leaving the syntactical details of the XML Schema language to XMLSpy. In addition to rich XML Schema 1.0 and 1.1 editing and validation, the following XSD tools are provided:


  1. Generation of XSD from XML instance, DTD, JSON Schema, or relational databases
  2. Sample instance generation from XSD Java, C#, and C++ code generation based on XML Schema
  3. Schema flattener and schema subset generation
  4. Extended validation of naming & coding conventions
  5. Schema refactoring

XSL and XSLT Tools


XSLT Editor

The XML Editor provides complete support for XSL and XSLT development in its XSLT editor with context-sensitive entry helpers, an XSL outline window, and more.

For transformation, seamless integration with installed RaptorXML Servers delivers hyper-performance functionality coupled with strict conformance to W3C standards, including XSLT, XPath, and XQuery versions 1.0, 2.0, and 3.1. This allows you to take advantage of super-fast transformations during development and testing, all directly inside XMLSpy.

XMLSpy even includes intelligent HTML / HTML5 and CSS / CSS3 editors along with an integrated browser view.

XSLT Debugger and Profiler

Testing and perfecting XSLT stylesheets can be a complicated, time-consuming process. With the XMLSpy XSLT debugger, you can step through and debug even the most intricate stylesheets quickly and easily. Support for XSLT 1.0, XSLT 2.0, and XSLT 3.0 is provided, and you can even debug stylesheets that contain program code in Java, C#, JavaScript, or VBScript.

XMLSpy XSLT Debugger

The XMLSpy XSLT profiler is an invaluable tool for optimizing the performance of your XSLT code. Based on the information revealed by the XSLT profiler, you can immediately see which parts of your XSLT code are taking the most time to process and adjust them accordingly to fully optimize your XSLT stylesheets.

XSL Speed Optimizer

The XSLT profiler delivers important information for expert XSLT developers, but if you want to speed up XSLT execution time without manually changing your XSLT and XPath code, try the XSL Speed Optimizer.

The XMLSpy XSL Speed Optimizer is a revolutionary approach to speeding up XSLT transformations, providing tremendous increases in throughput with no manual analysis required to determine exactly which XSLT or XPath expressions are causing bottlenecks.

XSLT and XQuery Back-mapping

XSLT back-mapping for debugging

Because XSLT and XQuery documents are frequently long and complex, it can be difficult to identify the source of unintended output. For targeted debugging, back-mapping makes it easy to immediately correlate output elements to source nodes and instructions.

With back-mapping enabled in the XML Editor, XSLT transformations and XQuery executions are carried out so that the result document can be mapped back on to the originating XSLT+XML or XQuery+XML documents. When you click on a node in the result document, the XSLT instruction and the XML source data that generated that particular result node will be highlighted.

Back-mapping in XMLSpy is revolutionary in two ways. First, it saves developers considerable time in debugging, refining, and perfecting their code as well as understanding inherited code written by other team members. Second, XMLSpy does not make any changes or add additional code to the output document in order to achieve back-mapping.


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