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MindManager for Education: Learn easily – Better recall information – Have fun!

The method of mind mapping is tried-and-tested, and has been implemented as part of learning methods all over the world. Not only do school pupils and students use this approach to prepare and structure presentations and subject matter, but visual learning methods also help teachers to structure lessons in a professional, varied and student-friendly way.

MindMap: Typical Use - MindManager for StudentsFOR STUDENTS
The visual presentation of mind maps   enables a better understanding and increased power to recall the content of the lessons. Informative texts are structured clearly, and with the help of the intuitive user interface, projects and presentations are easily mapped out.

MindMap: Typical Use - MindManager for TeachersFOR TEACHERS
Thanks to the clear structure of lesson materials in mind maps, subject matter can be better imparted and lessons become more varied. Linking different sources of information and collecting documents in a folder help to structure lessons in a professional and student-friendly way.
The combination of image and text items addresses both halves of the brain, which strengthens the memory and makes it easier for students to recall learned knowledge within a short space of time.



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