Powerpoint Charting Done Right


See how think-cell addresses your typical PowerPoint pain points

think-cell helps you create stunning charts in minutes, boosts your slide
layout and automates your regular reports. And all this with a single
PowerPoint add-in. Here are its most awe-inspiring features.


Gantt chart


Waterfall chart

Arrows & labels

Arrows and labels


Marimekko chart

Smart text boxes

Smart text boxes

Process flow

Process flow

Data automation

Bubble chart linked to data

Chart to data

Convert chart image to Excel data

Project plan Gantt chart

think-cell is the #1 PowerPoint software in consulting – Here is why

70% less working time

  • Create 40+ chart types in a few minutes
  • Waterfalls, Gantts, Marimekkos and Agendas
  • Dozens of data-driven visual annotations

Beautiful results

  • The graphics knowledge of the top consultants at your fingertips
  • No tweaking, everything just looks right
  • Customizable through PowerPoint templates

Easy to use

  • All functions available right at the PowerPoint objects
  • No need to learn lots of dialogs, toolbars or property panes
  • Become a pro user within a few hours

100% compatible

  • Work in your familiar PowerPoint environment
  • Based on PowerPoint charts and shapes
  • Charts shared with PowerPoint users remain data-driven


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